June 3, 2015
The Corbett Report

Cyberwar. Economic war. Covert war. Theatre war. Proxy war. Nuclear war. Today we talk to Michel Chossudovsky about the development of the global multi-front long war against humanity in the emerging New World Order and the propagandists who make it possible.

CHOSSUDOVSKY: Now all those things, all those dimensions – the economic, the social, the military dimensions – coalesce and are sustained by an extensive apparatus of media propaganda. I’m referring to the mainstream media, the corporate media, which sustains the lies and ultimately controls what people think.

And this is not – this, I would say is an inquisitorial environment. It’s much more devastating than the Spanish Inquisition. The Spanish Inquisition was also based on a Big Lie, and it lasted for three or four hundred years. But we are dealing with a media apparatus which turns realities upside down, presents the western quest, and military adventure, as a peace-making undertaking, which lies with regard to the casualties of war, which presents the war criminals as protagonists of human rights, and so on, so forth.

And that, in itself, is the pinnacle of this system. It really – without the mainstream media, and war propaganda, this New World Order agenda doesn’t have a leg to stand on. In other words, without these media lies, the military agenda, the economic agenda would collapse like a deck of cards. And that is why it is absolutely fundamental that within the realm of independent media, and alternative media, we wage a war against the mainstream media. In other words, it’s a war of ideas. It is an obligation on our part to support the truth, and to use truth, as a means, as a weapon, to undermine the legitimacy of this global economic and military agenda which is destroying humanity.

It is global war, it is total war, and it is destruction. And it has a logic, and it’s part of global capitalism. But at this stage it is not a struggle against socialism, but it is a struggle against national capitalism. In other words, it is the global capitalist elites, mainly Anglo-American, dominated by Wall Street and the city of London, the large financial centers, against competing capitalist powers, which, we might name them: Russia, China – China’s not a communist country, China is a capitalist country, in fact a very advanced capitalist country, and so is Iran.

So that essentially, what this war involves is world domination, it’s the establishment of a global economic and political system whereby countries worldwide would be subordinated to these global corporations, and where national sovereignty under national capitalism would be undermined. And the trade and investment agreements which are being negotiated behind closed doors are part of this agenda. They’re part of this agenda, and in effect they are the end game of this agenda, whereby global corporations undermine and destroy national and regional corporations – in other words, bankruptcy of the entire landscape – and impose a global economic agenda throughout the world.

CORBETT: Well the battle between oligarchs for global control I think is nothing new to human history but the technologies that are available to actually accomplish that goal really does make this a much more important and decisive battle than it has ever been before. So that is exactly, and precisely, why it is so important that in the alternative media we do battle against these forces, and that’s of course what you’re doing at globalresearch.ca. We will direct people once again to your recent book on the Globalization of War, which of course will be linked up in the show notes for this interview as well.

Michel Chossudovsky, I think we’ll have to continue this conversation by looking at various aspects of this global warfare, but we’ll leave it there for today. Thank you very much for joining us on the program.