By Rick Nagin
People’s World
July 8, 2015

There have been many books written about the assassination of President Kennedy, so many, generating so much bewildering debate, in fact, that many people have given up trying to understand the event and its significance. But despite all that, I want to recommend without reservation this book by a Catholic theologian and peace activist, which is unique in many respects and provides an education that all supporters of peace and progress need as we struggle to overcome the danger of right-wing extremism.

This is the only book on the assassination recommended by the Kennedy family: “It has distilled all the best available research into a very well-documented and convincing portrait of president Kennedy’s transforming turn to peace, at the cost of his life…. I urge all Americans to read this book,” writes Robert F. Kennedy, Jr.

It is also strongly endorsed by Daniel Ellsberg, Marcus Raskin, Oliver Stone, and Gaeton Fonzie, staff investigator for the U.S. House Committee on Assassinations, who stated it is “by far the most important book yet written on the subject.”

Simply put, the book demonstrates beyond doubt that Kennedy was killed by the CIA with the help of right-wing Cuban emigrees and the support of extremist forces in the Pentagon, the State Department and possibly other elements of U.S. corporate power, who recognized that Kennedy was moving towards a radical break with the fundamental principles and policies of the Cold War. He was seen as a traitor, who had to be stopped before he could implement his plans.

This book not only documents in fascinating detail how Kennedy was killed but, more importantly, it describes the historical and political context, the reasons why he was murdered.

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Note that Douglass shows that FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover and President Lyndon Johnson also dismissed this story as a CIA fabrication, but nonetheless cooperated with the cover-up because they were deeply committed to continue the Cold War. That’s because they were both part of the conspiracy. Something Douglass missed because he only gets part of the story right.