After two days of fundraising, the campaign is halfway to the $9,000 needed to pay for the September 2015 New York Times Billboard.

Here’s the story on this important opportunity. Just last week, the owners of the billboard across the street from The New York Times — a spot they usually sell for more than $20,000 — made an unbelievable offer of $9,000 for four weeks.

If you would like to see this billboard go up next week, please chip in what you can by the end of Labor Day weekend to help make it possible.

Now is our opportunity to send that message even more loudly. And to make sure they have no excuse not to look at the evidence, we’ll be mailing the Beyond Misinformation booklet to every editor and reporter who works in The New York Times Building. Of course, it’s not just about The New York Times: Our impossible-to-miss billboard will also be seen by 100,000 people each day. That means a total of three million views during the month of September.

Please help us capture the attention of the nation’s “newspaper of record” — and of millions of New Yorkers and tourists — by making a modest contribution this Labor Day weekend.

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Thank you for helping to make this the most educational 9/11 anniversary yet.