Obama’s lies cannot stand

by Justin Raimondo
November 02, 2015

Two years ago, as the War Party was agitating for US intervention in Syria and the President was announcing his capitulation to their demands, Barack Obama told the American people the following:

“I will not put American boots on the ground in Syria. I will not pursue an open-ended action like Iraq or Afghanistan. I will not pursue a prolonged air campaign like Libya or Kosovo.”

Since that time, he and his principal spokespersons have repeated this promise or some variation of it no less than ten times, as the Washington Post has pointed out. But guess what? If you like your “no boots on the ground” you can keep your “no boots on the ground” – because our Dear Leader has turned on a dime.

Yes, folks, it has just been announced that US Special Forces are going into Syria in order to “advise and assist” the newly-formed “Syrian Democratic Forces,” yet another alliance of “moderate” Syrian rebels whose “moderation” consists mainly of wishful thinking on the part of this administration.

The formation of the “Syrian Democratic Forces” was announced just after the revelation that the Pentagon was giving up its training program to put US-vetted Syrian rebels in the field, and will instead ramp up its “covert” program of aiding existing rebel groups. A key change: while the commanders will be vetted, the fighters under their command will be given a Get Out of Jail Free card. That’s because the jihadists fighting the regime of Syrian strongman Bashar al-Assad are all Islamist extremists of one sort or another, and connected ideologically if not organizationally either to al-Qaeda or the Islamic State.

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