by David Stockman
December 7, 2015

During the past year Sonya Jones was killed picking blueberries; Carla Grow was killed on a family picnic; Megan Nickell died playing volley ball on a beach; and Gage McFadden met the same fate playing disc golf. William Clevenger was struck down rounding up cattle, as was Frankie Roberts walking some dogs.

The killer in all of these cases—–lightning!

In fact, since September 11, 2001 there have been more than 400 people killed by lightning in America, according to the national weather service.

And while we are at it, here are some more facts. During the 14 years between the horrific but flukish events of 9/11 and last week’s massacre in San Bernardino, there had been just six civilians killed on American soil by jihadist oriented terrorists. Two were killed at the El Al counter at LAX airport in 2002 and four at the Boston Marathon attacks in 2013.

There were also five deaths from the unsolved anthrax attacks of 2001 that were not likely the work of terrorists, as well as the murderous 2009 rampage at Ft Hood and the killings at the Chattanooga military centers last summer. But most Americans have never set foot on a military base nor do they have any risk of exposure to the special propensity for violence that may be kindled at such facilities.

Yes, we clearly had a lone wolf(s) event last week or what some oafish CNN war storm-chaser described as “do it yourself terrorism”.

But the best thing that 318 million Americans can do about that danger is to tune out every single word that politicians have to say about it.

That’s because for 99.99% of Americans the risk of being killed or injured by a jihadist lone wolf is lower than being struck by lightning; and most surely it is far less than their exposure to the periodic eruption of mass killings by homegrown psychopaths and demented malcontents that occur with disturbing regularity.

Just in the last four years alone, 105 people have been killed and 100 injured by non-jihadist killing rampages in a dozen different cities from coast to coast. These included the recent events at the Colorado Springs planned parenthood clinic and the Roseburg, Oregon campus, as well as the horrific black church murders in Charleston SC last June, the madness at Newton CT elementary school in December 2012 and the slaughter in the Aurora CO movie theatre in July 2012.

Altogether there have been 26 incidents of mass killings since 9/11 including the Blacksburg Virginia campus rampage which resulted in nearly 50 deaths and injuries. About 425 Americans were killed or injured during these incidents of terror—–crimes committed overwhelmingly by sick young men often harboring white surpremacist or other hate-based motivations.

Would that both kinds of terrorism could be expunged from the land—–the hateful doings of the Syed Rizwan Farooks and the demented mayhem of the Dylann Storm Roofs. But there is virtually nothing that Washington politicians can do about either——except most surely to not make it worse by trying to bomb, drone, invade and occupy the jihadist kind of terrorism out of existence.

After all, is it not evident after two decades now of jihadist style terrorism—–whether quasi-organized, remotely-inspired or lone wolf executed—–that it is fostered by blowback from Washington’s imperial mayhem? And most especially the terrible 21st century military violence it has inflicted on the Moslem populations of the middle east?

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