by Justin Raimondo
February 08, 2016

I try to be optimistic, and while sometimes it’s hard, I usually succeed in taking the long view that the case for peace and liberty will ultimately triumph simply because war and tyranny are incompatible with the requirements of an industrial civilization. That’s why the Soviet Union fell, and why, in my view, the Nazis’ “thousand year Reich” was doomed from the start. Yet I have to say that my natural inclination to look on the bright side has taken more than a few hits recently: the case for optimism, which my old friend and mentor Murray Rothbard made tirelessly, no longer looks so convincing.

Why has this dark shadow eclipsed my naturally sunny outlook? Because war clouds are looming every which way one looks:

The US military is preparing another invasion of Libya – Yes, they want to go back to the scene of their crime. Because more violence is going to “fix” the problems they created in the first place! Without congressional authorization, and without debate, US troops are getting ready to occupy Libya and put us in the middle of yet another war.

More US troops are pouring into Iraq – So you thought the Iraq war was over? Think again! They’re not only sending as many as 800 more American soldiers on to Iraq, but they’re just now admitting that there are 4,000 already there – a lot more than they led us to believe. So much for President Obama’s pledge of “no boots on the ground”! This is just the first step toward Iraq War III.

The cold war with Russia is ramping up, and the threat of a nuclear confrontation has never been greater. The US is embarking on a nuclear “modernization” plan that will cost $1 trillion – yes, you read that right: trillion! – and the real nightmare is that it will make actually using these monstrous weapons “thinkable.” “Precision” miniaturized nukes are on their way into the US arsenal – to be used to threaten and blackmail “rogue” nations into submission. Of course, the real “rogue nation” is headquartered in Washington, D.C.

To make matters worse – much worse – every single credible US presidential candidate is an unabashed warmonger. From Ted “nuke ‘em ‘til they glow” Cruz to Marco “shoot down Russian planes” Rubio to bloviating blowhard Chris Christie to The Donald (“I’m the most militaristic person ever!”) to Hillary Rodham Clinton – author of the Libyan disaster and unapologetic Iraq war supporter — they’re all crazy!

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