Daniel McAdams
May 27, 2016

Most Americans would think that after 9/11 and the four trillion dollar, 15 year “war on terror” that followed, the US government might actually wish to prevent individuals from visiting the country who are affiliated with al-Qaeda. Sadly, they would be wrong.

The McClatchy News Service reports that Labib al Nahhas, an official in the al-Qaeda-affiliated Islamist fighting group Ahrar al Sham, was granted a visa to enter the US for a brief visit.

In a recent State Department press briefing, one journalist questioned Department Spokesman Mark Toner about the purported visit. “Were US officials aware of this visit?” asked the journalist.

State Department Spokesman Mark Toner replied in an almost bored tone of voice: “I’m not sure that we were aware of it. I don’t think he had any meetings here [in the State Department]…and I can’t speak to visa records, [due to] privacy considerations.”

After being told that trillions of dollars had to be spent to prevent another 9/11 an official of a group affiliated with the organization that did 9/11 comes to the United States and the US government is not “not sure we were aware of it”?

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