by Steven Mihailovich
July 15, 2016

Around the globe, the United States faces more enemies than ever before.

American troops are deploying to Syria and Libya, and returning to Iraq to combat maniacal ISIS terrorists, among others.

American forces are shipping out to the Baltic States and Ukraine to contain a revanchist despot in Russia.

America’s navy is steaming into the South China Sea to curtail the territorial claims of an expansionist Communist regime.

The list goes on and on. Never in its history has America confronted so many adversaries at once. It’s unprecedented. Even World War II, with 50 times the number of US military casualties, had only two theaters of operation.

New foes pop up faster than old ones can be dispatched. An entire generation of American soldiers is fighting twice as long to liberate Afghanistan from tyranny as it took their forefathers and mothers to liberate themselves from the tyranny of a British king.

Which means George Washington couldn’t help even if he were raised from the dead. None of the Founding Fathers could have foreseen the full spectrum of threats assailing the country today to offer anything but a process and some vague principles to follow. The variety, voracity, viciousness and sheer volume of villains imperiling America on several fronts is beyond anyone’s experience – past or present – to address conclusively.


Maybe. However, in the same way one puts more faith in the words of a religion’s founder than its present practitioners, odds are if you could wake up Thomas Paine for advice on the current crisis, he’d holler at you to shut the light and let him sleep.

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