Administrator’s Note: Corbett says the dancing Israelis were a distraction from Israeli spying. That in itself is a diversion. The Israeli government and its operatives in the US – many of the neocons are Zionists – were intimately involved in the 911 event. Zionist Larry Silverstein bought the WTC a few months before 911 and heavily insured it against “terrorist attacks.” He profited handsomely from its destruction and was the one who ordered that WTC 7 be “pulled”. Israeli companies were notified to avoid the WTC on 911 including the company Odigo ( Other Israeli based companies moved out of the WTC prior to 911. The Israelis love to document the destruction they bring on others which is why the Mossad agents were there to “document the event” and to celebrate it. So Corbett’s theory is false.

Sept. 11, 2016
Corbett Report

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