By Jack Perry
December 22, 2016

The ongoing daily reality comedy we know as “the news” is reporting cheerfully on President Obama’s “legacy” and his feverish attempts to fossilize it into place. Evidently, Obama is burning the midnight biodiesel and will work harder over the next month even more than he did for the last eight years. Now, this is usual Democrat “lame duck” crap like pardoning convicted felons, establishing environmental protection for the habitat of the South Chickawallup Warbling Mosquito, and stashing billions of taxpayer dollars into the pockets of federal agencies that then manage to act as governments unto themselves. But besides all of this, I think the entire world is overlooking Obama’s major legacy which will continue for decades to come.

The legacy the world forgot is ISIS, the Syrian Civil War, and mass migration as a result. Let me state it plainly: The whole idea to bring “democracy” to Syria was hatched by the Obama Administration and probably mostly by the Emperor himself. In time, when Assad didn’t “step down” as Obama demanded, this went into an ego contest between Obama and Assad. Then between Obama, Assad, and Putin. The thing was, Assad and Putin weren’t trying to match egos with Obama, but that’s how Obama took it. Therefore, it became a huge mission to save Obama’s pride because he was being thwarted in demanding Assad step down.

Let us be realistic here. ISIS could not have scored the battlefield victories they did without serious military weaponry coming from the United States government. Let’s remember that the Democrats are masters at re-wording things to sound different. Hence, terrorism itself is reworded to things like “extremist violence” and so forth. Thus, out-and-out terrorists were called “Syrian moderates” to justify funneling weapons to them. This is how they got TOW anti-tank missiles to take out Assad’s armor and anti-aircraft missiles capable of downing Assad’s aircraft. Not to mention continual re-supply of replacement small arms, ammunition, light artillery, food, clothing, medical supplies, and vehicles. I mean, come on, they were finding American-made pick-up trucks in the hands of ISIS which were sold as used vehicles within the United States. To whom? I bet we both know.

The United States arms pipeline as far as small arms goes originates in Eastern Europe. Our brand spanking new NATO allies, who also hate Putin and Russia rather conveniently. This is where the Kalashnikovs, 12.7mm heavy machine guns, and RPG-7s come from. Those were not picked up at a yard sale. Those were supplied by the United States from purchases in Eastern Europe, which the United States learned to do during the Iraq War. That’s how we armed the Iraqi puppet army after 2003. I daresay the United States government has a blanket purchase order in effect over in Eastern Europe. Now, what happened is the United States thought these groups would topple Assad and then very gregariously invite the U.S. government to install an “elected leader” via a rigged election where both candidates were groomed by U.S. covert agencies years ago.

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