In the wake of the Comey firing, the president has doubled down on attacks

by Jacob Heilbrunn
May 11, 2017
The National Interest

The testimony by acting FBI director Andrew G. McCabe today before the Senate Intelligence committee contained no bombshells. He mildly disputed the notion that former director James Comey did not enjoy much support within the FBI. But otherwise it was a fairly anodyne hearing.

The excitement came from President Trump himself, who performed something of a U-turn on the issue of who bears responsibility for firing Comey. It is not always easy to keep up with the Trump administration. On Tuesday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer issued a statement saying that Trump “acted based on the clear recommendations” of the Justice Department. Then on Wednesday Vice President Mike Pence said that Trump had fired Comey on the recommendation of the Justice Department. He noted, “Let me be very clear that the President’s decision to accept the recommendation of the deputy attorney general and the attorney general to remove Director Comey as the head of the FBI was based solely and exclusively on his commitment to the best interests of the American people and to ensuring that the FBI has the trust and confidence of the people this nation.”

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