By AE911Truth Staff
Oct. 18, 2017

This past Saturday, October 14th, AE911 Truth staff released the Farsi version of our preliminary report on the collapse of Tehran’s 15-story Plasco Building.

This report, originally published in English a month after the January 19th tragedy — in which 16 firefighters and ten civilians were killed — is a compilation of the evidence that was publicly available at that time, all of which indicated that controlled demolition should be treated as the most likely hypothesis for the building’s destruction. The report was translated into Farsi by someone in Iran who found it online this past summer and dedicated himself to helping disseminate it.

We have now shared the Farsi report in a “Telegram” group that includes more than 1,200 Tehran firefighters. (Telegram is an app that combines the idea of WhatsApp and the idea of Twitter to allow for one-on-one or group communication, either in a discussion format, where anyone may comment, or in a channel format, where only the channel owner may post information. Virtually everyone in Iran with a smart phone or a computer uses Telegram.) Once our report has had time to sink in with members of Tehran’s fire department, we will begin sharing it with other Telegram groups in Iran.

Although secondary to our primary effort to expose the truth about the destruction of the World Trade Center, we continue to commit a modest amount of time and resources to the Plasco Building tragedy — in large part because of the very real prospect that the truth about Plasco will come out sooner rather than later.

According to our sources in Iran, already half of the population believes the Plasco Building was destroyed intentionally with explosives. Needless to say, they are way ahead of where the world was nine months after 9/11.
On May 1, 2017, a leading “reformist” news organization in Iran, Amad News, published our report, along with a detailed translation of our main findings, on its Telegram channel, which has over 600,000 followers. It received more than 600,000 views, twice as many as the average post on Amad News’ channel.

Just yesterday, we unearthed on a different Telegram channel yet another evidentiary video that has not been widely seen. It shows an apparent explosion coming from the lower northwest corner — several floors below the fire zone — shortly before the building came down. Today, we posted this video with the Telegram group of 1,200 firefighters.

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