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9/11 – A Cheap Magic Trick

How false flag attacks are manufactured by the world's elite.


Tag: 911 Demolition

Written by Simon Falkner
Tuesday, 01 July 2014
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

Figure 1. The black smoke at the Twin Towers was indicative of the incomplete combustion usually associated with low-temperature fires. Office fires cannot melt steel, even given optimal conditions.


A December 2001 paper, “Why Did the World Trade Center Collapse? Science, Engineering, and Speculation,” dismissed early reports about molten steel at the demolished World Trade Center. Dr. Thomas W. Eagar, a professor of materials engineering and engineering systems at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and his graduate research student, Christopher Musso, pointed out that the theoretical maximum temperature of a building fire (maximum 1000°C/1800°F) is not even close to the melting point of steel (approximately 1500°C/2750°F). And they noted that the observed black smoke emanating from the Twin Towers was consistent with a typical oxygen-starved building fire.

Eagar and Musso concluded that the actual temperature most likely remained below 650°C/1200°F. In so doing, they dispelled the myth that the jet fuel could have made the fires unusually hot, noting that it was “highly unlikely” that the temperature rose above 800°C/1470°F.

AE911Truth agrees that the jet-fuel-induced fires in the Twin Towers could not have melted steel.

But because more recent reports confirm the presence of molten steel and molten iron both during and after the 9/11 event, it must be determined what actually melted those two metals and in so doing demolished two of the world’s tallest steel-frame skyscrapers.

The Official Fired-Based Hypothesis Cannot Account for the Stream of Liquid Metal Pouring Out of the South Tower

Figure 2. Yellow-white glowing molten metal is seen pouring from the South Tower just minutes before its collapse. Accompanying white smoke was sometimes visible. NIST did not investigate the phenomenon.


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Written by AE911Truth

All over the country this Independence Day, 9/11 Truth activists will be handing out a new brochure: “9/11 Truth: Good for America!” at Independence Day parades, picnics, and fireworks displays! We’ve got a patriotic message to share with our fellow Americans, and we are not shying away from our task this year. Join us in this nationwide public education effort!

The beautifully patriotic brochure comes complete with all positive benefits of the 9/11 Truth message — along with an insert highlighting the key evidence at the World Trade Center.

Activists can download the artwork at no cost and print it locally — either in color or in black-and-white, and either with the insert or without. Local groups can also customize the back section with information on your own 9/11 Truth group!






You can order this large vinyl banner now from our store in wide style or sidewalk width.

San Francisco 9/11 Truth activists will be out in full force on I with you!

“I am a firm believer in the people. If given the truth, they can be depended upon to meet any national crises. The great point is to bring them the real facts.” — Abraham Lincoln From inside the brochure:


Mounting forensic evidence, along with the testimony of thousands of experts in architecture, engineering, chemistry, metallurgy, physics, and related fields, has disproved the official narrative. The political and socio-economic changes that are resulting from the disclosure of what really happened on 9/11 are overwhelmingly positive. Indeed, after people process their initial shock at realizing that the World Trade Center evidence points to an internal operation — not the work of Muslim airplane-hijacking terrorists — they are often empowered by a newfound energy and zeal to act in positive ways that will benefit our country’s future.

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by Russ Baker
June 27, 2014

Khalid Shaikh Mohammed, alleged 9/11 architect, after his 2003 arrest

What in the world is the FBI up to at Guantanamo? Why is it harassing the defense team of the accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Shaikh Mohammed and his alleged accomplices?

The FBI is hip-deep in yet another dubious activity but, this time, even the not-so-adventurous New York Times is kinda-sorta on the trail. The self-proclaimed “paper of record” has produced several articles, albeit confusing ones, on the mysterious doings of our much-vaunted national police force.

What should be made clear is that by connecting a few dots, one can make out a major—even explosive—story hiding just out of plain sight. This story has a lot to do with the larger pattern of FBI misbehavior and points to at least one of the reasons why we never get better, more complete answers about the events of 9/11.


Readers of WhoWhatWhy are familiar with a growing litany of troubling actions on the part of the Federal Bureau of Investigation in the last few years (see for example this, this and this), compounding a disturbing legacy that has attended the outfit for much of its history. The Bureau has occasionally been scrutinized by the media, but as our Steve Weinberg reported, the G-men and journalists have just as often colluded to keep the public in the dark.

Now, for whatever reason, the New York Times has started to dig into….something. Unfortunately, the presentation is so grueling to get through and the core of the story so buried that it is impossible to say for sure what is going on.

It’s possible that neither the reporter, his editor, nor even conceivably their sources in the Guantanamo defense team understand the full magnitude of the story.

We can only guess that what’s at stake here is the FBI’s need to bury evidence of its own behavior—a baffling combination of incompetence and what seem to be deliberate actions running counter to the public’s s interest in full disclosure of events leading up to the deadliest attack on American soil since Pearl Harbor.

For some perspective, we’d point you to reporting we did a while back about a prominent Saudi family living in South Florida—a family connected to a Saudi prince responsible for aviation issues—that interacted directly with a number of the alleged 9/11 hijackers. In that case, the FBI investigated hijacker visits and phone calls tied to the family’s house in a gated community in Sarasota, Florida, near where a number of the 9/11 suspects trained to fly planes.

Since shutting down that investigation, the Bureau has tried to act as if it never happened.

Connection? What Connection?

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by Patrick J. Buchanan
June 24, 2014

With the Islamic warriors of ISIS having captured all the border posts between Iraq, Syria and Jordan, we may be witnessing the end of Sykes-Picot.

That was the secret 1916 treaty by which the British and French carved up the Ottoman Empire, with the Brits taking Transjordan and Iraq, and the French Syria and Lebanon.

Sykes-Picot stuck in the craw of Osama bin Laden. Now his most fanatical followers have given him a posthumous triumph.

President Obama said over the weekend that the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, which seeks to create a caliphate out of the Sunni lands of Syria and Iraq it occupies, poses a threat to the United States.

Obama has thus committed 300 special forces to assist Iraq’s defeated and demoralized army, and there is talk of U.S. air and missile strikes and drone attacks on ISIS, in Syria as well as in Iraq.

That would constitute a new war. Yet the president, who taught constitutional law, says he does not need Congressional authorization.

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Written by AE911Truth Staff
19 June 2014

Controversy Brims at Grand Opening of 9/11 Museum AE911Truth On-Site to Set The Record Straight

There was an awakening in New York last week as 9/11 Truth activists converged at the World Trade Centers for the Grand Opening of the September 11 Memorial Museum.

AE911Truth held a “What you won’t find in this 9/11 museum” press conference at the entrance to the Memorial Grounds, speaking to a gathered audience of about two dozen people.

Activist Rachel Colten, who handed out more than a dozen alternative museum guides, noted that people were very receptive to learning about really happened at the WTC on 9/11.

Walking the $700M sprawling 9/11 Memorial Grounds and Museum was a surreal experience for the AE911Truth activists who knew the truth.

Handing out thousands of alternative museum brochures that bore a striking resemblance to the official brochures, 9/11 Truth activists exposed the museum’s glaring omissions to throngs of visitors as they made their way to the Memorial.

Walking the $700M sprawling 9/11 Memorial Grounds and Museum was a surreal experience for the AE911Truth activists who knew the truth.The educational brochures created by AE911Truth were the same ones that caused CNN’s Jake Tapper, host of “The Lead,” to fly into an unprofessional and mean-spirited rampage earlier in the week. Falsely labeling AE911Truth a “conspiracy group” that is spreading “lies,” Tapper collaborated with Slate Senior Editor Emily Bazelon to denigrate those who work on behalf of the nonprofit organization, calling them insensitive to victims, anti-Semitic, anti-Israel, anti-corporation, crazy, and — get this — probable tax cheats.

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Then ask yourself: “Did the laws of physics not apply on 9/11?”

Written by Carolyn Clark
Wednesday, 18 June 2014
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

This three-and-a-half-minute video — “9/11 In Perspective” — presents footage of eight buildings, ranging from nine to 62 floors, that have been either partially or fully engulfed in flames and yet remained standing despite massive internal destruction. Their major fires shown in these clips range from 1988 to 2008, and took place in U.S. cities (Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Los Angeles) and abroad (Caracas, Madrid, Beijing, Delft).

“The truth is, before 9/11, the term global collapse didn’t even exist. Buildings survived fires, plane crashes, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, botched demolitions and even nuclear explosions. Never, before or after 9/11, have we seen such catastrophic failures.”

Seeing the stubborn resilience of these high-rise steel structures makes one question the U.S. government’s contention that the Twin Towers were leveled by jet crashes and kerosene-fueled fires, and that a third building, World Trade Center 7, was destroyed by fires alone on September 11, 2001. In fact, after watching this video, it’s reasonable to ask oneself: “Which am I going to believe, the official conspiracy theory about 9/11 or my own eyes?”

In one instance, a Delft University of Technology building in The Netherlands sustained a minor, partial collapse due to fire. Even in this case, however, the collapse was localized and asymmetric, and it occurred at nowhere near free-fall acceleration. The narrator, Scootle Royale, points out that prior to 9/11, “the phrase ‘global collapse’ did not even exist,” and that both before and after 9/11, “fires, earthquakes, terrorist attacks, botched demolitions, and even nuclear explosions” have left buildings intact.” He concludes, “Never before or after 9/11 have we seen such catastrophic failures” as the 9/11 official conspiracy theorists would have us believe.


Dr. Niels Harrit interview on Age of truth tv

Discussion includes 9/11 controlled demolition of twin towers and building 7, among other issues

“Western civilization is doomed unless face unanswered questions of 9/11”

Conflict is between top and bottom, not religious or ethnic

Academia is now controlled by government.

Honest forthright discussion of 9/11 has been scorned by academic institutions and media. Their primary methodology is via fear. Fear and actuality for losing one’s job. alienation by one’s social group and/or worse

Evidence overwhelming for controlled demolition
Refutation overwhelming for official narrative

When asked about effective communication – “being where you are, instead of another place. you get further with a smile”

Q. How to prevent WW3?
A. Tell the Truth

Q. When asked about seemingly nonsensical theories
A. Show me the evidence

Q. What is the truth, how to seek, how to find?
A. Trust yourself. Trust what you see. And to see what you see is actually a bigger thing than it sounds like, because most people see what they’re expected to see.

For instance, if you see world trade center twin towers collapsing, people are “seeing” only gravity working, but if you “dare to see”, what actually is going on, you’ll “see” the building being blown up, and… that’s it.

Osama bin Laden was not behind 9/11

9/11 is the key of realizing of what were being told of lies, and it is absolutely necessary to confront the unanswered questions of 9/11. for our civilization to grow

We have been fooled and cheated by so-called leaders
Many people living in constant state of fear to do anything about it

Q. What can people do to overcome their fear
A. Find a spine 🙂

“Truth hurts, lies kill”

“You may have had a difficult time with your physics teacher, but everybody can count to three.
There were two airliners and three buildings.
Please think for yourself.”

April 30, 2014
Architects and Engineers for 911 Truth

This Summer, AE911Truth heads into the Windy City for the 2014 National Convention of the American Institute of Architects, the fifth AIA convention that AE911Truth has attended since 2008. It takes place June 26-28, and will be held at Chicago’s McCormick Place on South Lake Shore Drive.

Expected to draw nearly 800 exhibitors and over 20,000 building professionals, the event promises to be yet another good opportunity for AE911Truth to sound its wake-up call to thousands of architects and others who remain unaware of the alternatives to the impossible claims of the official story of 9/11.

During the three day convention, Richard Gage AIA, and our team of volunteers will be staffing the 10′ x 10′ evidence booth where attenders will drop by to learn of the voluminous and compelling evidence, which will show them conclusively that on 9/11/2001, World Trade Center Towers 1, 2, and 7 were intentionally destroyed by means of controlled demolition. In addition to explaining evidence, answering questions, and handing out petitions to sign, Gage and the AE911Truth team will be offering free copies of the DVD 911: Explosive Evidence – Experts Speak Out available to those who wish to take the evidence home and study it for themselves.

It all takes place at the largest convention center in North America – Chicago’s McCormick Place. Join us!

With the cost of the booth and the hall at $6,000, plus $4,000 to cover flights, hotel, and meals for core volunteers, AE911Truth expects our total exhibitor tab to be about $10,000. “It may seem like a high cost, but when it is spread out over the thousands of professionals and dozens of AIA leaders who will be seeing the booth, the hundreds who will be watching our DVD, and the hundred or so petition signers whom we expect to bring in, it is well worth our effort and our donor’s precious support.” remarked Gage. “Still, we must raise the necessary funds in order to succeed in this vital endeavor, and so we actively encourage AE911Truth supporters who understand the urgency and importance of our work please to help us today by donating.”

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by Sheldon Richman
June 13, 2014
The Future of Freedom

American critics of U.S. foreign policy (as well as some neoconservative supporters) often refer to the United States as an empire. This is not an emotional outburst but a substantive description of the national government’s role in the world. But what exactly is an empire? This question is all the more relevant today with Iraq is being consumed by sectarian violence and calls for renewed U.S. intervention here are increasingly louder.

In 1952 the journalist and novelist Garet Garrett (1878–1954) took up this question in contemplating post-World War II America. The resulting essay, “The Rise of Empire,” is included in his anthology, The People’s Pottage (PDF). It bears close study today.

Garrett was an important figure in what has come to be known as the “Old Right,” an eclectic group of writers and politicians (mostly Republican) who emerged in the 1930s to oppose militarism and the centralization of power under the New Deal. (For a history of the Old Right, see my “New Deal Nemesis: The ‘Old Right’ Jeffersonians” [PDF].)

Garrett began with this somber message:

We have crossed the boundary that lies between Republic and Empire. If you ask when, the answer is that you cannot make a single stroke between day and night; the precise moment does not matter. There was no painted sign to say: “You now are entering Imperium.” Yet it was a very old road and the voice of history was saying: “Whether you know it or not, the act of crossing may be irreversible.” And now, not far ahead, is a sign that reads: “No U-turns.”

If you say there were no frightening omens, that is true. The political foundations did not quake, the graves of the fathers did not fly open, the Constitution did not tear itself up. If you say people did not will it, that also is true. But if you say therefore it has not happened, then you have been so long bemused by words that your mind does not believe what the eye can see, even as in the jungle the terrified primitive, on meeting the lion, importunes magic by saying to himself, “He is not there.”

(For evidence that the American empire is older than Garrett thought, see my “Empire on Their Minds.”)

The country’s institutions may look the same, Garrett wrote, but a “revolution within the form” has occurred:

There is no comfort in history for those who put their faith in forms; who think there is safeguard in words inscribed on parchment, preserved in a glass case, reproduced in facsimile and hauled to and fro on a Freedom Train.

Garrett next proceeded to carefully isolate the characteristics of empire. After examining Rome’s transition from republic to empire, he wondered,

If you may have Empire with or without a constitution, even within the form of a republican constitution, and if also you may have Empire with or without an emperor, then how may the true marks of Empire be distinguished with certainty? What are they?

Republics, he said, can make war, conquer territory, and even acquire colonies, depending on how one defines the term, so “let us regard the things that belong only to empire, and set them down. Then we shall see.”

He came up with five traits:

(1) Rise of the executive principle of government to a position of dominant power,

(2) Accommodation of domestic policy to foreign policy,

(3) Ascendancy of the military mind,

(4) A system of satellite nations for a purpose called collective security, and,

(5) An emotional complex of vaunting and fear.

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June 10, 2014
By John W. Whitehead

John Whitehead asks the questions every American should be asking.

Why Should Anyone Trust a Government That Kills, Maims, Tortures, Lies, Spies, Cheats, and Treats Its Citizens Like Criminals?

“Why should anyone trust a government that has condoned torture, spied on at least 35 world leaders, supports indefinite detention, places bugs in thousands of computers all over the world, kills innocent people with drone attacks, promotes the post office to log mail for law enforcement agencies and arbitrarily authorizes targeted assassinations? Or, for that matter, a president that instituted the Insider Threat Program, which was designed to get government employees to spy on each other and ‘turn themselves and others in for failing to report breaches,’ which includes ‘any unauthorized disclosure of anything, not just classified materials.’” — Professor Henry Giroux

June 10, 2014 – “Rutherford Institute” – Why should anyone trust a government that kills, maims, tortures, lies, spies, cheats, and treats its own citizens like criminals? For that matter, why should anyone trust a government utterly lacking in transparency, whose actions give rise to more troubling questions than satisfactory answers, and whose domestic policies are dictated more by paranoia than need?

Unfortunately, “we the people” have become so trusting, so gullible, so easily distracted, so out-of-touch, so compliant and so indoctrinated on the idea that our government will always do the right thing by us that we have ignored the warning signs all around us, or at least failed to recognize them as potential red flags.

As I point out in my book A Government of Wolves: The Emerging American Police State, the consequences of this failure on both our parts—the citizenry’s and the government’s—to do our due diligence in asking the right questions, demanding satisfactory answers, and holding our government officials accountable to respecting our rights and abiding by the rule of law has pushed us to the brink of a nearly intolerable state of affairs. Intolerable, at least, to those who remember what it was like to live in a place where freedom, due process and representative government actually meant something. (Remember that the people of Stalin’s Soviet Union and Hitler’s Germany also failed to ask questions, demand answers, and hold their government officials accountable until it was too late, and we know how that turned out.)

There’s certainly no shortage of issues about which we should be asking questions of our government representatives, demanding truthful answers, and subsequently insisting on changes within our government. Keep in mind, however, that the government has mastered the art of evasion. Thus, it’s not enough to ask the questions. We need to demand answers, and when those answers aren’t forthcoming—either because a government official claims to not “know” or because it’s outside his or her jurisdiction—we need to demand that they find out.

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